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  • Birth Trauma
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  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Developmental Delays
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Executive Functioning
  • Attention
  • Auditory/Visual Processing
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  • Motor Planning Skills
  • Nutrition
  • Health Assessments
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  • I feel like the Sensory Learning Program has opened the floodgates for our son.  Now, everything he does (OT, Speech, ABA, school, etc.) is easier for him and he is progressing quicker.  His visual stims are gone.  His eye contact is amazing.  His language increased from 3 words per sentence to 6.  He is initiating and maintaining social interaction.  This program changed his life – and ours too!
    *Age 7 – Autism
  • Our son’s overall SIRRI experience has been very positive.  When given a verbal direction, he is now less likely to respond with “Huh?” or “What?”  His teachers say that he seems less stressed, his frustration level with school work has decreased, and his grades are steadily rising.  He is more aware of the things going on around him, and seems very comfortable with himself.
    *Age 12 – Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Our son does not have a diagnosis, but we wanted to help him with balance and coordination.  Sensory Learning and Interactive Metronome gave him more than that.  He has better eye contact and interacts more effectively with his peers.  Everyone has commented on how well he is also playing basketball and performing at gymnastics.  He got just the boost he needed!
    *Age 10 – Coordination/Processing & Strength Training
  • Sensory Learning and Interactive Metronome produced exciting results for our son.  He has reduced anxiety, improved eye contact, concentration, balance and coordination, and the ability to make corrections in the middle of a task.  Even his hand writing has improved.  We have seen improvements in space issues and in peer interactions.  We are also going through the cognitive and focus training and are seeing attention improvements from these as well!
    *Age 10 – Asperger’s Syndrom
  • My daughter constantly spun around, climbed on everything, put herself in dangerous places, took risks with sharp objects and would not look me in the eyes.  After the Sensory Learning Program, she is now behaving like a normal 9 year-old with very few exceptions.  Her schoolwork has dramatically improved.  Her mood is much better and her phobias seem to have disappeared.  Best of all, I can reason with her; before the treatment, it was like talking to the wall.  It has been several months since her treatment, and she seems to be improving more each week since then.
    9 year old; Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  • Prior to participating in the program, our daughter couldn’t follow stories or conversations, wasn’t responsive and overall did not speak much, not to mention that she required a diaper for bowels.  Half way through the program she became very aware of her surroundings and asked lots of questions.  Days after completing the program, she started going to the potty.  Now she can actually hold a conversation and tell stories herself.  Thank you!
    5 year old; Mild Autism
  • Our son has really benefited from SIRRI in many ways: He is much more of a risk taker, he is more affectionate, he has become more aware of self and his surroundings, he has more balance than he has ever had, he is talking up a storm, he enjoys being around other children, he is a more touchy-feely kind of a child, he comes when called, his comprehension is at a higher level, time on task is longer, he engages in play instead of throwing toys and is more confident within himself!!!  He is now our child who “gets it” and we hope that this will continue for the rest of his life!!!!
    4&1/2 year old; Developmentally Delayed
  • Our son does not have a diagnosis, but we wanted to help him with balance and coordination.  Sensory Learning and Interactive Metronome gave him more than that.  He has better eye contact and interacts more effectively with his peers.  Everyone has commented on how well he is also playing basketball and performing at gymnastics.  He got just the boost he needed. Wow what great product, I love it! All I can say is thanks for the amazing product. I could probably go into sales for you. I'm good to go!
    Age 10 – Coordination/Processing Strength Training
  • Our experience with the Sensory Learning Program has been very positive.  In the first 30 days we have seen many improvements.  Our daughter’s attention is longer on tasks and her stamina is also longer.  Her teachers have seen improvements at school with her colors, writing and cutting.
    Age 6 – Prader-Willie Syndrome
  • We have seen improvements in our son’s ability to process information.  He is trying to communicate instead of repeating what others say.  He has also been seeking out other children to play with where normally he would avoid them.  His fuse seems to be much longer.  He tries not to hand flap and even reminds himself not to.  He is sleeping MUCH (!!!) better and is able to wind down at night and go to sleep, where before he would lay in bed and sing or quote lines from movies/shows for hours.  Thank You!
    Age 3 – Autism