Ryan seems happier. We see less anxiety overall and this makes us happy! He is less sensitive to sounds and does not get overstimulated as often. When he does get overstimulated he comes around much quicker. Our pleasant surprise was his improved ability to socialize, especially with older children!
- Age 5, Asperger’s
Jonathan is able to understand school lessons much better. He understands commands in instructions the first time. He gets my jokes now! It helped him in his confidence as well.​
- Age 9
His bad temper and aggressiveness have also improved drastically. He likes school now and he has friends. He finishes all of his schoolwork in class and at home. His bad temper and aggressiveness has also improved drastically. He is more friendly and happier now.
-Age 7, ADD
Our daughter continues to grow and flourish immensely! She ate an entire ice cream cone today. Prior to today she has never had one. They had to re-write her IEP at school because they said it is an entirely different child. Thank you guys so much.
-Age 6, CP/Speech Delay
After coming to SIRRI, I feel that I have more attention to detail. I am also less likely to jump to other tasks too quickly. I stop and analyze things before starting the task. When I start school next semester my confidence is up. I feel like I will have a better outcome!
-Age 32, Traumatic Brain Injury
SIRRI works! Or at least it does for my son. He receives traditional therapies through his school and he has progressed with speech but not as fast as after a session at SIRRI. With traditional therapies; OT, speech, etc. They do a 30 minute evaluation and then diagnose and treat. I appreciate that SIRRI digs deeper by looking at his brain activity then they provide a non-drug therapy to retrain his brain. He’s at 30 days after starting the sensory treatment and he’s singing, telling stories, counting more than ever on his own without prompting, talking in sentences and following directions. All of these things he either didn’t do or did very little before the treatment.
-Age 5, Speech Delay/SPD
Before going through the Sensory Learning Program I walked on eggshells around my son. I never knew if today was going to be an okay day or a difficult day. He was so unpredictable, when I heard about SIRRI I thought it can’t hurt. Within three days I knew this was going to be life-changing for all of us. After 30 days, I no longer walk on eggshells around my son. Our home is much more quiet and predictable - thank you!
-Age 4, Sensory Processing Disorder
We are very happy with the Sensory Learning Program. One of the biggest changes we have noticed is how happy Bryce is. He seems much more comfortable with himself and his environment. He has also become more active. He wants to throw the football, swim and do every day activities eight-year-old boys should do. Bryce is more willing to eat meals with the family, instead of eating certain foods. He seems much more balanced overall.
-Age 8, Auditory Processing, Sensory Integration
I decided to start my son in the Sensory Learning Program almost immediately after learning a little bit about it. I was reaching for anything out there that even remotely promised positive change. During the first couple of days, I read some of the testimonials and to me this whole program and the changes it brought about in all these kids were unbelievable. I mean I truly did not believe it. However, now that I have gone through the entire program, I now have a complete faith in the program. It is no longer unbelievable; however, it is inexplicable how many positive changes I see in my son due to the Sensory Learning Program!
-Age 2.5, Speech Delay
Prior to the Sensory Learning Program, my son seemed overwhelmed with everyday life. My hope was that this program would help him handle the world better. Since completing the program, it is obvious that he is calmer, less frustrated and better able to participate in and enjoy every day life experiences.
-Age 9, Autism
The Neurofeedback was absolutely life-changing. I will never forget the day he came home after a session and now all of a sudden he could remember things. It is almost impossible to learn how to read if you can’t remember what you learned yesterday or the day before that or the week before that. Now his memory and recall are phenomenal. Of course that comes from a lot of practice, but your treatment was the catalyst.
-Age 12
I have felt a significant difference in the way I am able to correct my mood swings. I feel like I have control over myself. I don’t beat myself up as much and I can focus better without getting bored as easily. I still struggle on containing enough energy to complete the task but I certainly feel as though it’s improving.
-Age 21, anxiety and hyperactivity
Kelly’s progress has been gradual but we have noticed positive changes from the Neurofeedback program. She’s doing better and her reading and vocabulary. Anxiety about school has decreased and she’s having an easier time with her schoolwork. She is gradually becoming more affectionate and expressive with others. Also we have decreased the dosage of her ADHD medication with positive results.
-Age 9, ADHD with anxiety
We saw a tremendous change in Mayra’s coordination. Interactive Metronome seems to help her click and understand how her body should move together. She is much more coordinated and is willing to try new movement activities. She is always dancing and excited to go to dance class. She even wants to start karate.
-Age 7
Since starting the Interactive Metronome program, Ezekiel’s coordination has improved. His running during basketball looks much smoother, his movements are coordinated, and his self-esteem seems to be much better as well!
-Age 18, CP(mild)/strabismus
School just started and my son is doing excellent. We are not having to deal with behavior issues as much as last year. His true inner sweet spirit is coming out. Plus, playing with other children and social interaction have greatly improved. What a blessing for all!
-Age 6, attention/focus, impulsivity
My son has improved his focus and attention to tasks and will now sit for storytelling and book reading. The teachers have noticed a difference as well. His communication skills have also improved and reflect more of a typical seven-year-old language and communication style.
-Age 7, Hurler Syndrome
After completing the brain training, I noticed a big difference in the way Brandon behaved. It was more attentive and more compliant. Brandon is able to do his homework a lot faster than before.
-Age 8, ADHD